7 Reasons to be Positive about Pakistan ODI Cricket

If you are reading this... you are probably a frustrated Pakistani supporter. Pakistan are currently 2-0 down in the ODI series vs England and things are not looking so great. But despite what some are calling the worst ODI team Pakistan has ever had, we have 7 reasons to be believe its not all doom and gloom.

1. Pakistan's Anti-Collapse Mode

Admit it, you are relieved you havent seen a huge Pakistan batting collapse yet! Now i know Pakistan's batting hasn't exactly stole the show, but their batting clearly has more grit to it. Even the tailenders are up for a fight! As you know, Pakistani batting collapses are a staple in Pakistani culture. We are used to seeing are uncles swearing in Punjabi at the team whilst they snatch a loss from the jaws of victory. Lets just say its been a refreshing change, even if our batting hasnt got that same Firepower or star quality...YET :)


2. Lots of technically correct (gorah style) players coming through.

Joe Root is undoubtedly one of the worlds best batsmen. But if you watched him play you would think he isnt that special, he doesnt have the style of Kohli or the industrious of Smith. But what Joe Root has is that particular english style of batting. Technically superb, near enough flawless. The english have always been the best when it comes to pure batting technique and theory. Now they have finally molded this technical proficiency with attacking intent and its working wonders.

Pakistan on the other hand have always been the flair team. Aggresiveness is in our nature. Magical moments have come from our street/gully style of playing cricket. In this day and age though, without the technique, good opposition will find the holes in your game quickly. But the positive is we have many batsmen coming through that have that same attacking intent with the technical fortitude of Joe Root eg. Sami Aslam, Asad Shafiq, Babar Azam. More of these players need to be played in the ODI format! Plenty of runs to come Inshallah!


3. No more reliance on the "Afridi Factor"

Pakistan ODI plan has always been bat to over 35-40 with as many wickets in the bag as possible and then wait for Shahid Afridi to maybe smash 100,000 runs at the end of the innings. This style worked when we had Shahid along with Abdul Razaq, and maybe Umar Akmal. But without those inconsistent heavy hitters Pakistan will now look to bat a different way. Sharjeel is an opener and Sarfaraz will bat up the order too, forcing Pakistan to bat the NEW international way which is to get fast quick runs throughout the innings.... OH and rotating the strike would help.


THAT SHOT THOUGH! MASHALLAH!!! ....We miss you Afridi :( (most of us)

4. Babar Azam could be Pakistan's Virat Kohli

There I said it...... Its very early in his career but it does seem like he has something special. His attitude when he comes to the crease is very calm an assured in the midst of crisis...very Kohliesque. Lets hope he outdoes his cousins Kamran, Umar and Adnaan!


  5. Pakistan's coach Mickey Arthur

This is Mickey Arthurs first tour in charge of Pakistan and so far he seems to very influencial especially to Misbah's test team. He made the call on needing more all rounders and leaving Yasir out of the 1st ODI. Brave, Bold decisions he is not afraid to make. Something tells me we have finally got a very good foreign coach on our hands. Also cricket coming back to Pakistan is vital.  Arthur and the other foreign staff can help as testimonials to Pakistans safety.

 This could happen to Liam Plunkett thought ^^ haha

6. Cricket Coming Back Home

Najam Sethi is apparently working his ass off to ensure the finals of the PSL are played in Pakistan. If successful this can have a great effect on the country. More cricket being played at home will motivate many young kids to want to play the international game. Many superstars will be made this way.



 7. Captain Misbah Isn't retiring yet

I know i know Misbah is captain of the Test match team! Stability though, is something Pakistan Cricket Teams are not used to. With Misbah holding down the test match scene it allows the coaches to take more risks and experiment in the ODI format. Another reason is because Pakistan can introduce those who perform well in tests to the ODI arena too. Having these seniors around the touring squad will only improve the players who are near them. It also allows the Pakistan cricket board to get help and consultation from these seniors as to who should be selected, performance reviews and future plans etc.

Ok so things are not going so well in the limited overs. But remember this is Pakistan. The ultimate "Cornered Tigers". As long as Pakistan cricket has your love and support it will continue to thrive. Keep supporting the team in any way you can! Maybe buy yourself a Cornered Tigers Tshirt from us before they sell out!!