Forget Momina Mustehsan..... Meet Fazeela Saba, our new national obsession #WCW


Fazeela Saba is the cricket fans version of Momina Mustehsan. And since Momina is now engaged its probably best you focus your attention on this new starlet. You probably had no idea who she was until the national T20 competition came about in which she had her famous and very viral Umar Akmal interview(video at bottom of page) but now it seems she is growing quite the fan base. Here is all you need to know:


She is a Sports Anchor/Writer/Analyst for PTV Sports and she occasionally writes sports blogs for Tribune.


She is a huge supporter of Pakistani Cricket and has a very active twitter in which she is always keeping us updated on the latest matches

She carried out all the post match presentations and interviews @ National T20 Competition

She was at the PSL presenting and supporting. She said "The atmosphere was electric no need for an energy drink"

Fazeela presenting alongside Andrew Symonds

She even covers Pakistani Hockey too

Fazeela With The Friendly Giant Irfan

Finally she handled Umar Akmal like a boss during the famous post match interview in which Umar reacted badly to Fazeela's questions. We loved the way she handled it without getting flustered.



We hope to see much more of Fazeela Saba, who is one of only a handful of females associated with covering Pakistani cricket.