Is this the end of Shahid Afridi? The best and worst of #PakneedsAfridi

During the ODI series against England the hashtag #PakneedsAfridi was trending worldwide. The fans have been in turmoil as to whether this is finally the end for Afridi. Some have been celebrating. Some have been crying. But is this really the end for Afridi? Have we seen the last of boom boom for Pakistan?

Boom Booms diehard fanbase came out in full force



There was those who cant wait for him to be gone

The statisticians and pragmatists came out too


One fan brought back a recent memory


Some just couldnt believe #PakneedsAfridi was trending worldwide

The trolls

Afridi's female fans begging Inzi


The Truth and the HOPE.

This is what we said (follow us @PakistanfansUk)

 Love him or Hate him Afridi has been thrilling. He has given us every emotion you can think of. But most of all he gave us Pakistani's hope. There wont be another like him. Thank you Lala.

Just remember #PakneedsAfridi isn't just about cricket.

Pakistan truly does need more people like Shahid Afridi.