Javed Miandad nearly died in a car with Imran Khan + his Phil Hughes story (video inside)

Javed Miandad reveals how he nearly died twice in his life. Once with legendary captain Imran Khan and once with an injury exactly like late Australian batsmen Phil Hughes.

Speaking to Wasim Akram on his popular show "The Sportsman Show", Miandad described "Immy" as obsessed with cricket. To such an extent that he once drove on incoming traffic in the UK because they were late to a game. But that wasn't the worst thing that happened with both of them in the car. During their county playing days:

"Once me and Imran were driving home from a county game in the UK. Everything was normal and so i fell asleep. Suddenly i was awoken by the car bumping on the cats eyes on the side of the road. I looked up and realised that Imran had fallen asleep at the wheel! So i quickly took control of the steering and woke him up."


Well that wouldve been a rather sudden end to two of Pakistan's most legendary players!


Javed went on to tell the portion of his life he found the most difficult. Javed during a game in Pakistan was struck on the back of the head from a ball in very similar cicumstances to the way Phil Hughes had been hit. He immediately felt woozy and went to the hospital. At the hospital he fell unconcious and did not wake for 48 hours. The doctors described his situation as life threatening. Javed luckily recovered but he did not play cricket for another 6 months, due to loss of balance and persistent headaches. The damage that can be done from cricket balls to the head is all clear to see from the Phil Hughes accident, and in Javed's time the helmets were not as safe. Not only this but Javed played without a helmet visor!! Big respect to our legend and one of Pakistan's most aggressive cricketers. Probably the first batsmen to sledge bowlers and fielders haha! Catch the full interview below...